What is SupplierPay?

Early Payment Quick Start Initiative
Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, employing over half of the private sector workforce and accounting for nearly 40% of the United States' GDP.
The health and endurance of the U.S. economy is, and always has been, linked to the success and strength of small businesses nationwide. Providing the right climate for small businesses to succeed is crucial to the continued growth of the economy.
In the game of working capital, small businesses have been playing at a disadvantage, competing against limited financing options and strict lending requirements. The White House has called upon big businesses to level the capital playing field by paying invoices early.

Why Should You Take the Pledge?

With modern automation tools, large corporations are approving invoices faster, but although they’re sitting on tons of cash, they have no reason to pay invoices before the due date. Meanwhile, their suppliers are struggling to stay afloat and have to resort to high interest rate borrowing. This flawed cycle benefits neither party, as small businesses dig themselves into debt and big corporations weaken their most valuable asset - their supply chain.

SupplierPay encourages large corporations to pay their suppliers as soon as possible, alleviating the need for small businesses to obtain outside financing and providing them with fast and easy access to cash

– regardless of credit rating, size, geography or maturity. Invest in your supply chain by paying your invoices early, giving your suppliers a chance to grow, succeed and thrive.

Taulia's Early Payment
Quick Start Initiative

Taulia was founded with the belief that by creating a mutually beneficial financing solution, small businesses could be provided with uninterrupted funding, thus boosting the economy as a whole.

With this is mind, Taulia designed its Early Payment Quick Start Initiative to incentivize corporations to implement a solution that enables early payments to suppliers and meet the President’s call to action. The Quick Start Initiative offers large businesses the opportunity to quickly set-up an early payment program that could be applied to every invoice and offered to every supplier. And with Taulia, buying organizations can offer an early payment program without impacting their Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), as they have the option of using third-party funding instead of their own excess cash to fund the program.

Taulia's Early Payment Quick Start Initiative

Successful early payment
financing program
live within 100 days
Assurance that 100%
of invoices will be offered
for early payment
Suppliers are eligible
for early payments,
regardless of size, spend
or credit worthiness


For Suppliers

  • Every Supplier can Participate
  • No Restrictions on Credit Rating
  • Least Expensive Financing Option
  • Free Self-Service Tools Included into Financing Technology (eInvoicing, ePayments, Supplier Self-Services and Supplier Information Management)

For Buyers

  • Strengthen Supply Chain
  • Capture Discounts on Early Payments
  • Give Suppliers Access to Much-Needed Cash Flow
  • Option to Fund Early Payments with Third-Party Cash
“I accelerate all my invoices as this is the most convenient source of cash.”Accounts Receivable, Small Business
“There is no way to make the Taulia system better from my perspective. It is so streamlined – I don’t think there’s anything that could be easier.”Accounts Receivable, Small Business
“Whenever we need cash, we can just log into the portal, press a button, and be assured that we’ll be paid early on that invoice. I can’t imagine going back out to the factoring market!”Accounts Receivable, Small Business
“Getting paid through Taulia is so much easier. Plus the rates are competitive! I love the tool.”Accounts Receivable, Small Business
“We’ve been surprised how enthusiastic our suppliers have been. They love it.”Accounts Payable, Fortune 500 Company
“Taulia is just impossible to beat.”Accounts Payable, Fortune 500 Company

How Can I Get Started?

By signing on to Taulia’s Early Payment Quick Start Initiative,

you can provide your suppliers with early payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a simple, completely automated solution. Taulia offers the flexibility to create early payment programs that are customized to specific business needs, providing buyers with huge savings and suppliers with predictable, easy and inexpensive access to cash.

Taulia has already helped large corporations provide more than $75 billion in early payment financing to their small business suppliers.

So, what are you waiting for? Join SupplierPay today!

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